'From the outset of my career, I wanted to go beyond the simple mechanics of photography; in other words, not just the principals of image taking and printing. Albert Einstein once said - 'Any fool can know, the point is to understand'. This is the essence of my fine art creations and believe there is a spiritual connection that happens on both sides of the lens, starting well before the shutter is pressed. It's this connection that I try and attain in all aspects of my work.'

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Tom Lee

Over a 40 year career span, Tom has been a UK based international portrait and fine art photographer recognised for his expertise in digital image capture and has accumulated multiple international awards throughout. With a global reputation as a published author, he has written several books in his own right and collaborated with other renowned authors. He also writes extensively for the photographic press at home and abroad including 'Rangefinder', 'Professional ImageMaker', 'Digital Photographer' and 'Focal Points'.

Tom’s current interests revolve about alternative processes rooted in the origins of photography, such as Wet Plate Ferrotypes, Ambrotypes, Platinum Palladium, Van Dyke Brown, Salt and Cyanotype printing. Photography only became widely used and popular with the public from the 1850’s and the images produced were truly unique. Artisans of the day worked at a much slower pace than today’s digital creatives and are a mix of the artist skill and alchemy.

Tom is also a respected educator having given numerous seminars and sat on several photographic judging panels internationally.​ Tom has recently completed photographic exhibitions in Malta and London, with invitations from galleries in Japan, Rome and America.

Whilst Tom no longer accepts commercial commissions, he is willing to collaborate with art directors, galleries, models, stylists and other professionals. His main focus is the exploration of photography in general (past and present) and exhibiting his work wherever he can. He aims to make available his accumulated knowledge at lectures and seminars. Use the Contact page to make any enquiries with him.

2002 - Fellowship of the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers)

2002 - Inaugurated as Vice President of SWPP.

2007 - Authored Digital Capture and Workflow for Professional Photographers (Amherst Media)

2007 - Awarded for outstanding contribution to the photographic industry

2007 - Awarded Craftsman of the Societies.

2008 - Co-Author of Photographing Women with Norman Phillips (Amherst Media)

2012 - Fellowship of the MIPP (Maltese Institution of Professional Photography)

2012 - Technical Consultant for Reflecmedia Chromakey

2013 - Installed as a Master Photographer of the Societies.​

2013 - Innocence Turned Exhibited in London

2014 - Membership of the prestigious Epson Digigraphie Authorised Artist programme

​2018 - Illusions of Reality, Solo exhibition of contemporary photographic art in Malta.

2019 - The Cuban Series, exhibited at the Brick Lane Gallery, London

2019 - MIPP Photography Award of Recognition

2019 - 14th Spider Awards Nominee (2 images)

2019 - Awarded Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (Fine Art)

2020 - 13th International Color Awards Honorable Mention and Nominee (2 images)

2020 - 'On the Move' exhibited at the Patchings Centre as part of the RPS VAG event

2020 - 'The Wet Plate Collection' book published

2021 - Became 'Ambassador of the Societies of Photographers'