• Tom Lee

All in the Mind

Photographers are generally oddities of this world, we tend to see things differently than others and that’s what makes us ‘creative’.

The way we think can make it difficult to #communicate with others outside of our collective circles. One of the ways we can do this better is to create works that say something to the viewer. Albeit coming from a personal #perspective, the viewer is posed questions, and whether they understand the question or not; #challenged to find the answers.

‘Illusions of Reality’ is a part of me that I’m trying to communicate with others my own internal questions, for which I’m trying to find the answers to myself! At this point I may have lost some of you – quite understandable as I’ve often been accused of being ‘deep’ and is not unreasonable. I’m happy to carry this tag and be unpredictable. It’s part of the #creative process to #explore themes that may not be understood by everyone. I don’t want to be known as a button pusher.

‘Illusions’is a personal #reflection of my inner self, somewhat complicated and at times confused. Trying to make sense of it all is part of the fun.

Common features through most of my imagery involves #clouds and #water; symbols of constant change and fluidity with nothing fixed. #Boats are also a recurring theme symbolising a journey perhaps of exploration to a goal which lies out of reach.

In viewing the #exhibition, I hope everyone will have their own questions, answered or not, and start little #journeys of their own…..

Hope to see you on opening night - If you have not received your invitation to opening night (places are limited) and would like to attend, please send me a message. The exhibition is open to the public from 28th April -3rd May

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