• Tom Lee

Creative Posters 101 (update)

My next speaking engagement will be in #Malta on October 5th, where I will deliver a workshop on creating #movie style fine art #posters.

Apart from being great fun, the #workshop will encourage attendees to use some of the skills in their everyday workflow. This workshop is not just a #technical exercise. Many of the techniques can be used in any sphere of #photography that requires post production in #Photoshop.

Create #extraordinary masterpieces that can be sold to clients as #alternative #portrait sittings. All you need is the idea and something you can show them as examples. If you can’t show it, you can’t sell it!

The morning will encompass a short #tutorial followed by a live #model shoot (when you can take your own stock images). The afternoon will concentrate on post production in Photoshop and I will be giving away a sample poster to each attendee together with #FREE actions, images, software, presets and a bucketful of valuable information to take away with you.

All instruction on setup, shooting and post production will be provided by me throughout the day. More info and booking can be made by contacting. courses@mipp-malta.com. It will be essential to bring a camera and a large memory stick is advisable. Computers are not necessary but you can bring them if you wish.


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