• Tom Lee

Modern Nostalgia

Well the negatives came back from my first test shoot with the 6x17 pinhole camera.....

The #pinhole is 300 microns and delivers a 144 degree field of view. I was using #HP5 plus #Black & #White film with the #curved film plane. Exposure was around 26 seconds.

Neston Town Centre

It was a really miserable Sunday morning with mizzle which shows clearly in the image. A number of things to note - thats me! on the left hand side. caught myself on the edge due to the #extreme #angle of #view and the slight #ghosting on the right is a couple of passers by, waiting to get into the shop where I was standing. The #long #exposure has also caught a car parking opposite and the light trails from a car coming towards camera from the road opposite.

I thought the scene rendered very well and caught the feel of #nostalgic photography of past years but in a very modern scene.

Neston Marshes

The #Parkgate Marshes shows up extremely well with the almost limitless #depth #of #field. Exposure was around 52 seconds. The images above are almost straight reproductions from the negatives and the hardest part was trying to keep the dust off the #scanner plate. Minor removal of dust and scratches have been made and correction to the scanned image only.

The camera was purpose built in France and also supports two pinholes. The upper pinhole sets the horizon in the lower third whilst the lower pinhole sets the horizon in the upper third of the image. This effect is easily demonstrated in the above images - Neston was shot with the upper pinhole whilst the Parkgate image was shot with the lower pinhole.

6x17 Pinhole Camera - RealitysoSubtle

I love the soft but slightly #etherial effect of the pinhole style and intend to produce a full series with the aim of a special #exhibition in 2019.


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