• Tom Lee

The Science of Simplicity

Updated: Jul 13

I've been contemplating the advancement of #photography in this instant world of ours and decided to revisit the techniques of old and replicate the '#camera obscure' days of photographic origins.

Whilst seemingly complicated to some, it's one of the simplest forms of photography and achieved with nothing more than a box, light sensitive material (film or paper) and a tine hole to let the light in - yes, a '#pinhole camera'.

I decided to make my prototype out of an iPhone 6 plus box, as it's the perfect proportions for creating a #6x9 format camera using 120 #film format. I show the images from the different stages of construction below, and whilst I have made some mistakes the end result was quite an achievement on my first attempt. I do admit to having an #engineering background, so some of the things I have attempted may be a little OTT, but overall I very pleased with the result.

I started out with some broken and discarded #Rolleicord #TLR cameras from a friendly camera store #Cambrian Photography in North Wales. The carriage and gate were easily cut from foam core and old DVD cases. The only purchases were the #laser cut pinholes and the #bubble level costing less than £5 and the outer sticky covering (£6) to make the whole thing presentable.

#Testing comes next and then onto 'mark 2'

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