• Tom Lee

Ultimate B&W Online Talk

A workshop talk on Ultimate B&W photography and post production for the MIPP.

A Powerpoint and Photoshop presentation via Skype by Tom Lee, Master Photographer and Artist. MIPP members are invited to join in for a Tuesday Evening talk by one of our International Members. Tuesday 5thMay @7:00 pm

This talk is predominantly about black and white imagery from colour originals. Whether you’re looking for a ‘Clean’ or ‘Retro’ look, this will interest you. Tom will take you through his entire workflow, from choosing the right image complete to printing.

· A look at alternatives to digital capture and understand what makes them special.

· Using negatives and digital post production?

· Choosing the right image!

· Learn how to make the ultimate (non-destructive) B&W conversion from a colour image.

· Change your mind at any stage of the process.

· Apply layer effects to give your image a Retro feel.

· Learn about Layer Blend modes.

· Prepare your image for printing (the proper way) and choosing the right paper.

· Free online workshop resources to download (code will be given during the talk).


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