• Tom Lee

Wet Plate Collection - Volume 1

The #Wet #Plate #Collection (Volume 1), by Tom Lee has now been released for sale in the Blurb Bookshop, but for a limited time only, you can buy the book #direct from the #studio using the coupon code MR2020.

You can redeem a discount when ordering via email on our #CONTACT page. Message the studio #directly and quote the #coupon code above. We will send you an #invoice and how to pay instructions. You need only pay when you receive the invoice.

The book will be signed by the author and also includes a fine art original print when using the code. The book retails for £86.39 (plus shipping and without print), however you will pay only £60 including shipping and print!

This is a 12"x12" large hardback book with dustcover. Photographs are reproduced on premium quality #Pearl Coated paper. Lee's book is the culmination of many years work and the fascination with old photographic processes. Frustrated by the time (and difficulty) in processing these images in the field, Lee was looking for a #digital solution. These images have been curated and processed using modern digital technology to achieve a similar look and 'feel' of the original techniques.

The book contains 48 square format images in #glorious #monochrome. A treat for the senses and anyone with a love for #nostalgic imagery will adore it.


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