• Tom Lee

What's in a Name

Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka

As I sit here in ‘lockdown’, I immerse myself in anything that is #art related; books, TV, films, internet etc. In one of my more #contemplative moments, I mused about what people might have thought (or not) about the name that I choose to work under……#Temporal #Art.

I’ve often been labelled as a ‘deep thinker’, a man on the outside looking in, but nothing could be further than the truth. I practice something weird – #Zen #Buddhism! Although Buddhism has many forms, this ‘Zen’ is not a religion, but a #philosophy. The act of staying in the present without wandering into the past or future. Zen, is a Japanese word derived from the Chinese word Ch’an, which means to #meditate.

The #essence of Zen Buddhism is achieving #enlightenment by seeing yourself through the art of meditation; without the intervention of the intellect. Zen is big on intuitive understanding, on just 'getting it', and not so hot on philosophising (although I can be prone to it).

Buddhists in general believe that everything is #transient (of time) and concerning the present, you live, you die, you are reborn; hence the word Temporal. Far from a casual happening, understanding of this philosophy means that my own art has a limited shelf life, and must move on, evolve and develop into something else.

Zen Buddhism in my case means ‘man’s humanity towards his fellow man’, and we should all be undertaking this at the moment. Stop thinking about the blame game, or how we got to this situation, isolation is not good for anyone but meditate on those people that cannot protect themselves because of their #humanity to others. This current situation is Temporal, and will pass.

All this because I meditated! See what happens when you practice weird stuff!

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