• Tom Lee

Where Boats go to Die....

During my #childhood, I used to visit #Heswall shore, a local #beauty spot with great #sandy #beaches and home to a yacht and #sailing club. Over the years the sand and water have been replaced with #chocking spartina #grass and oily #mud. The failure of authorities to keep the channel clear has left a #devastating vista that doesn't resolve itself until several miles further up the #estuary.

Whilst I'm #saddened that we no longer have a flowing #channel full of marine life and pleasure craft, it is home to an array of #derelict craft left #abandoned by their owners. No longer able to float or be serviceable, the carcasses lay #abandoned, falling prey to the ravages of time. If you visit the shore, then be careful to stay on the raft of grass as much as possible. Walking on the sand (oily sludge) you may find yourself up to your knees and #stuck - just like the boats.

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