Photographers Resource

Here you will find download links and information pages that I have provided for you to supplement my lectures and workshops as part of my ongoing training commitment to the photographic community. The page is continually evolving and more content is being added gradually so please check in from time to time.


These resources are completely free and should download immediately but if you have difficulty, just right click and choose 'Download linked file'.

Wet Plate Collodion

Further to my Wet Plate Collodion Workshops, I have written my own manual from setting up, materials, darkroom, where to buy, processes and chemical formulae. This take the novice worker from start to finish - in fact everything you need to get started in the fascinating work of the origins of photography (1850's style!)

There is also a YouTube video Here to accompany the manual showing the process in my own darkroom.

Fine Art Black and White   (updated 2021)

After much deliberation, it's finally here! Assets from my updated workshop exploring the Fine Art B&W workflow I use for my style of Photography. Includes the Ultimate B&W Actions, Presets, Overlays, Print Checker files and Software demonstrated at the talk.

Ultimate B&W Zip

Ultimate Print Checker Zip

Grain, Frames, Patina Zip

Grads, Brushes, Tool Presets

Nik for PC Zip

Nik for Mac A Zip

Nik for Mac B Zip

Nik for Mac C Zip

In search of an answer!

Another monograph on the question of art and photography in general and why there is still resistance into the acceptance of creative photography as art.

Art and the Establishment

A simple monograph on the question of photography as art, and the problems photographic artists face when confronted by the establishment.

Just for fun - how it was done!

I'm uploading some of my 'How To' projects that may be of interest to those with mental blocks.....

This one is all about capturing objects thrown into a water tank with off camera speed lights!

It was quite cheap to set up and will be used on future projects - enjoy.


Instructions to do your own macro photography using a flatbed scanner. A video is available on YouTube here VIDEO and a description of the methodology is contained in the PDF download link on the right.

Alternative Process Formulae and Methods

As part of my venture into Alternative Photography, I am making available, all my formula's and methodologies for five of the most popular processes. These are my personal shorthand notes that I use in the 'Dimroom' to remind me of the processes that can get pretty confusing from time to time.

The link will give you a PDF containing the information for the following: Platinum/Palladium, Cyanotype, Salt Printing, Van Dyke Brown and Kallitype. Please note, you should refer to the Creating Digital Negatives resource to determine you own Dmax exposure times for your personal setup.

Creating Digital Negatives for Alternative Processes (2021 Update)

There are two videos Part 1 and Part 2 showing you how I create my digital negatives for the alternative photographic processes I use. The method will work for any process. A certain amount of tweaking may be necessary after you complete the process due to the vagaries of chemical mixes. It will, however give you an excellent staring point and take an awful lot of guesswork out of it.

You can download the PDF text and the ChartThrob script and 16 Bit Step Wedge File using the links provided

Make a 5x4" wet plate Holder Adapter

I previously had a blog page (no longer on this site), which described the process of converting a PA-45 holder for use as a wet plate holder. The article has now been condensed into an easy download here and includes the updated 3D printed insert as an STL file. Click the link to download instructions and article.

Contract Forms (word)

During my 40+ years in business, it was always difficult to find the right wording for any contracts I needed. I have developed 5 separate forms (that I have used myself), you may find useful within your own businesses....They are all in Word Document format, so all you need to do is change anything highlighted in RED. 

Caveat - I am not responsible for how you use these forms or for their misuse. Please read them very carefully and change as you see fit. 


Standard Wedding Contract, General Commission Contract (can also be used for portraits and retouching work),

Acceptance, Indemnity & Delivery (make sure the client accepts your work at each stage of the process),

Managed Rights Release (allows the Client to use your images without withdrawing your Copyright), Model Release Form (simplified version)



Acceptance and Indemnity

Managed Rights

Model Release

Hollywood Lighting

This is a monologue based on my work with Portrait Lighting using 'hotlights' rather than flash, to create retro style portraits in the Hollywood style. Based on a workshop given several years ago in London. A little history and basic technique.