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The Cuban Series

The Cuban series is a collection of images taken exploring the evolution of older communities affected by the changes forced on them by tourism and other modern influences. In this case Cuba has hardly changed since the ‘Peoples Revolution’ and the images of local individuals (even in the city) could be mistaken for being taken during the 1950’s, rather than in November 2018. The country is stuck in a time warp and little has changed since the 1950's. The population continues its daily rituals oblivious of the march of time.

A special 'square' series was produced as part of the collection specifically for the London showing at the Brick Lane Gallery, (30th April -13th May). ​These images are sold as 'Numbered Editions' and are registered as part of the Hahnemuhle;  "My Art Registry' scheme, signed by the artist and carry the unique hologram identifier and studio embossing stamp, together with a 'Certificate of Authenticity'.

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