Workshop Resources

Here you will find download links and information pages that I have provided for you to supplement my lectures and workshops as part of my ongoing training commitment to the photographic community. These resources are mostly free but in some cases you may need a code to access the download page (this will have been given to you at the workshop or lecture)......The page is continually evolving and more content is being added gradually.

Making a 5x4" wet plate film holder

From my blog post about the same subject - you can download the image of my plans for the wooden frame insert to go into the wet plate holder for my Intrepid 5x4" large format camera.

Fine Art Black & White (code required)

Contract Forms (free word documents)

During my 35+ years in business, it was always difficult to find the right wording for any contracts I needed. I have developed 5 separate forms (that I have used myself), you may find useful within your own businesses....They are all in Word Document format, so all you need to do is change anything highlighted in RED. 

Caveat - I am not responsible for how you use these forms or for their misuse. Please read them very carefully and change as you see fit. 


Standard Wedding ContractGeneral Commission Contract (can also be used for portraits and retouching work),

Acceptance, Indemnity & Delivery (make sure the client accepts your work at each stage of the process),

Managed Rights Release (allows the Client to use your images without withdrawing your Copyright), Model Release Form (simplified version)

Hollywood Portrait Lighting (free pdf)

This is a monologue based on my work with Portrait Lighting using 'hotlights' rather than flash, to create retro style portraits in the Hollywood style. Based on a workshop given several years ago in London. A little history and basic technique.

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